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Thompson Concedes, After a Last-Minute Surge of Hope

As the polls came in, the supporters of Democratic mayoral candidate William Thompson Jr., believed they were going to witness the upset of the most expensive campaign in New York City’s history. They almost did.

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Bronx Voters Go for Thompson in a Landslide

Bronx Ink reporters surveyed 171 Bronx voters from all across the borough to find out why they voted overwhelmingly for Thompson.

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Leveling the Legal Playing Field: Tenants Fight for Homes with the Help of Right to Counsel

More than half of eligible tenants at the Bronx Housing Court don’t know they qualify for a free lawyer, but whether they face rent disputes or maintenance failures — a lawyer gives a tenant a voice in the outcome.

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Sounding Off On Stop and Frisk

Bronx Ink reporters fanned out over 12 neighborhoods last week to capture the stories and thoughts from Bronx residents about law enforcement tactics.

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Facebook Complaints About Valet Parking Spur Action

Restaurants with valet parking are accused of making Bronxdale Avenue difficult to live near and drive on.

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From Capitol Hill to the Bronx, scrutiny for College Inc.

The national debate on for-profit higher education hits home in Fordham.

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The stealth campaign

Campaign worker Charlie Ramos is running a shoestring campaign for State Senate

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Staff Spring 2010

Staff Spring 2010

The Bronx Ink is based at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and provides ongoing coverage of many neighborhoods in the city’s greenest borough, including stories about politics, crime, the economy, education and culture. Get in touch with all our staff by emailing Eno Alfred is from London and is a 2009 graduate […]

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