VIDEO – A Mosque’s Call to Prayer

A mosque in the Bronx will once again seek a sound permit to amplify the Muslim call to prayer. Parkchester Jame Masjid on Virginia Ave first sought the permit back in October at Community Board 9 causing an up roar amongst residents. The mosque rescinded its request in November and is now preparing to seek it again.

One Response to “VIDEO – A Mosque’s Call to Prayer”

  1. avatar Steve says:

    What everyone fails to mention (and why most people are opposed to them) is that HATE is what is preached in Mosques. They hate America and ALL non-muslims. They smile to your face and tell you they are peaceful but it’s all lies! They want to overpopulate America and take it over. They want to see a Mosque in place of the White House. They are ruining neighborhoods like Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, where they arrested terrorists that were plotting to bomb the subway. They say “leave us alone” but why don’t they do anything to expose the terrorist plots? Because they are for them. They are hypocrites and need to shut up. Hearing pleasant Church bells for a minute on Sundays is nice. Hearing their droning call to prayer FIVE times a day is just annoying. They can use alarms on their cell phones to remind them. The rest of us don’t want to hear this annoying noise.


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