Yankees Bring World Series Trophy to a 75-year-old Fan

Cleo Robertson is 75 years old and regularly attends a speech therapy class at Lehman College in the Bronx. But on Tuesday afternoon, Robertson decided to skip class.

She carefully took her copy of the book “101 Reasons to Love the Yankees” out of her black walker and began slowly flicking through it until she stopped at a page and smiled.

“I like him,” Robertson said in a high-pitched shaky voice, pointing to a picture of Derek Jeter, who is captain of the Yankees baseball team and less than half of her age.

Cleo Robertson touching the World Series trophy for the first time in her life.  Photo by: Eno Alfred
Cleo Robertson touching the World Series trophy for the first time in her life. Photo by: Eno Alfred

The book’s cover was in perfect condition and the pages barely showed any sign that they were turned daily by Robertson’s frail hands.

Robertson made her way to the back of her college music hall, with her eyes fixed on the World Series trophy that sparkled with the continuous flashing from the cameras and cell phones of more than 20 people who gathered to catch a glimpse of the trophy, which was on display for fans at the Bronx campus.

The trophy was received with glee by die-hard fans like Robertson, who had seen the New York Yankees win the 2009 World Series last November on television but wanted to have the opportunity to see the spoils of victory in person.

“I like it,” said Robertson, who struggled to say much more because of a speech impairment.

Her once-in-a-lifetime experience came about by accident when someone in passing told her caregiver where everyone was rushing to that afternoon.

As a steady crowed poured in and out of the room over the hour, quickening their pace when the trophy was in sight, Robertson’s smile remained as wide as when she first arrived.

“No touching the trophy please, we don’t want it to get stained,” said the white gloved security manager, moments before Robertson disobeyed his commands.

She placed her fingertips over one of the 30 gold plated flags that represented all of the teams in Major League Baseball. Her woolly black hat barely stood higher than the 20-pound, 2-foot-tall trophy designed by Tiffany & Co.

Robertson struck a pose as scores of people took pictures.  She left without a sense of urgency to catch the rest of her class.

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