Apprehension among Brooklyn pharmacists

by Danielle Bengsch

The reaction among a sampling of Brooklyn pharmacists to the bill’s passage ranges skepticism to confusion about what its impact will be.

“We just don’t know yet what is going to happen,” said Derek Durham of Prospect Garden Pharmacy in Park Slope. He hopes to get some information from the pharmaceutical board.

Similarly, a pharmacist at the Myrtle Avenue Pharmacy in Fort Greene said, “I don’t know what it means for my business. When it’s decided, I’ll do a Google search to find out more about it.”

Meanwhile, Michael Goldman of the Ocean Pharmacy in Midwood thinks that the health care reform will bring nothing good for small independent pharmacies like his. “We don’t support it,” he said. “It is not good for out business because reimbursements are going to go down.”

To Goldman it does not matter that millions more will be insured now. “If we make less money for the medicine we sell, what good is it if more people are insured? It’s going to be more work for less money.”

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