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Bronx man dies after killing wife and attempting suicide by arson

Vincent Cordero died Wednesday night from smoke inhalation after setting fire to his Morris Avenue apartment, killing his wife and daughter. Reports are calling the incident, which took place around 7:30 a.m., a murder and attempted suicide. Authorities say Cordero, 34, stabbed Kety Sanchez, 30, three times in the chest and set flame to their bedroom killing one-year-old Keiry Cordero in her crib.

Cordero had a dispute with Sanchez and stabbed her, according to police. He may have used gasoline to start the blaze that killed his wife and child. A grandmother and two other children had left the apartment for school before the blaze started, reports  Cordero was puled from the flames by a neighbor and emergency medical personal were able to revive him at the scene. He was placed into custody and  charged with murder, arson, reckless endangerment and second-degree assault. He later died at Westchester Medical Center.

A fire accelerant, like gasoline, was used to start the blaze according to the fire department, but no more information was released. The Wall Street Journal, speaking to officials says, “Detectives recovered video surveillance allegedly showing Mr. Cordero buying a gas can and gasoline at a gas station about two blocks from the home.”

According to the Daily News, the Administration for Children’s Services had been called to the home in the past.

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