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Bronx woman knocked into coma in fight over parking spot

A 25-year-old Bronx woman went into a coma last week Friday after being punched in the face by a driver who was furious that she was reserving a parking space in the East Village.

Lana Rosas was holding the spot for her boyfriend between two parked cars outside 520 E. 14th St. at 11:40 p.m. last Friday when Oscar Fuller drove up in a silver minivan, The New York Post reports.

A police source quoted in the Post’s report added, “The victim suffered permanent brain damage. It’s uncertain whether or not she will survive her injuries.”

According to court papers, 35-year-old Fuller has criminal record that includes weapons possession and felony assault charges. The father of two allegedly fled the scene but was arrested at his home in Jamaica, Queens on Tuesday after police got his plate number and witnesses identified him through a mug shot. He has been charged with felony assault and remains at the Manhattan Detention Center in lieu of $100,000 bail.

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  1. avatar Johnny Blaze says:

    Today is mother’s day 2011.

    i’m not suprised that this happened since new york women tend to be very nasty and very stupid. today, i asked a (bronx) woman if she could move her bags so i can sit down. her excuse was “i don’t like putting my bags on the ground”. i pleaded with this woman that i would like to sit down, all the while another woman was telling her that she cannot have her bags on the seat and that it was wrong for her no to cooperate. then she had the nerve to say to me “you can get upset all you want”; with a grin on her face mind you. therefore, i got upset, i picked up the bag, and threw it out into the street. turned out to be filled with a six pack of pepsi bottles. lesson here folks, when someone asks you to do something nicely, you do it. i don’t feel sorry for that dumb parking spot broad one bit. i grew up in the NYC area going on 34 years; the females here are God frigging awful and stupid and nasty to the teeth. something is always happening to these stupid NYC women. either they are getting beaten up, raped, killed, chopped up, whatever… and the media reports it like it’s something horrible and new. i’m like “WELL DUH”!!

    SHE GOT EVERYTHING SHE DESERVED AND PROBABLY ASKED FOR IT TOO! i hope the gentleman that put that sorry winch into a coma gets off lightly and can continue to live his life.


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