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High number of marijuana arrests in the Bronx

9 of the 12 police precincts in the Bronx have some of the highest numbers of arrests for marijuana, according to WNYC. The report comes after an investigation into stop-and-frisk incidents all over New York City, which can lead to illegal searches by police. Reporter Alisa Chang explains that during a stop-and-frisk, if marijuana is found on a person, it would only be considered a violation, for which the offender would normally receive a ticket and a fine. In many cases, police search inside pockets during a stop-and-frisk, leading to higher charges. New York State says that possessing a small amount of marijuana becomes a misdemeanor if it is “open to public view,” while being smoked or displayed. Searching inside pockets is illegal, unless an officer suspects the person to be carrying a weapon.

Among stop-and-frisk incidents, precincts 41 and 42 ranked among the precincts with the highest numbers of incidents per 1,000 people. Precinct 41 in particular, had 132.8 stop-and-frisk stops in 2010 per 1,000 people.

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