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Congressman Serrano responds to Osama’s death

Congressman Jose Serrano issued a statement on his website today, acknowledging the closure brought to New Yorkers by Osama bin Laden’s death.
“With the end of Osama Bin Laden, we finally have a sense of closure about the 9/11 attacks that he organized and financed almost ten years ago. Our country has healed in that time, but the news that bin Laden is gone helps us to finally move beyond that painful memory.

“For too long Americans have wondered when bin Laden would be brought to justice. We believe in swift and fair justice in our nation, and to have a known mass killer living freely in another country did not sit well. Today, we know that the wait for justice is over. I especially hope that the end of bin Laden brings a sense of closure to the families who still grieve the loss of a loved one in the attacks.

“Many parts of our national life were upended by the attacks of 9/11. Some have forgotten that it was an election day in New York—and the election was suspended. Bin Laden had planned to disrupt all areas of our national strength; our financial, social and political structures. But he did not count on the resiliency and resolve of the American people.

“Time and again in the years since 9/11, we have shown that our nation is stronger than he thought, not just because of our military or economic might, but because of the fundamental decency and extraordinary goodness of the American people. That is our key asset and it cannot be broken, no matter what is thrown at us.”

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