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Bronx City Councilman allegedly forged $177 receipt for bagel, soda, NYTimes

Federal prosecutors testified Monday in the ongoing corruption trial of Bronx City Councilman Larry Seabrook that Seabrook doctored a receipt to make it appear that he spent $177 on a single bagel and diet soda.

“The original cost of this purchase was approximately $7,” an indictment against Seabrook reads. “But the receipt had been doctored so that the cost of the purchase appeared to be approximately $177.”

The alleged forgery is one of numerous corruption allegations being made against the Democratic councilman, including that he spent about $150 on rum and brandy at a liquor store on a non-profit political group’s dime.

Seabrook’s lawyers suggested that the alleged amounts spent by Seabrook are so small that. even if true, do not make him guilty of fraud.

“We’re talking about minuscule amounts of money,” Edward Wilford, an attorney for Seabrook, told New York 1 News Monday. “If Mr. Seabrook wanted to do what the government insists that he’s doing, and charged him with in this case, raid these corporate accounts, these non-profit accounts, why would he worry about $177? Why would he worry about $99? It doesn’t make any sense.”

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