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Bronx mother admits putting innocent men in jail as she fights for her life, NYPost

Penny Denor Camerono admitted lying under oath in a 1991 trial that gave two innocent men a 25-years prison sentence for murder. The Bronx mother said she decided to come clean as she is fighting against breast cancer and wanted to rest in peace.

José Garcia, one of the two men, was released after 14 years, when his girlfriend convinced authorities that Garcia wasn’t even the country at the time. But Carlos Morillo, 49, was only set free earlier this month after spending 20 years in jail.

Camerono said a detective at the time threatened to go after her 14 year-old son, who refused to cooperate after allegedly witnessing the crime.

About the innocent men, the 60 year-old mother said: “Every day of my life, I thought about them. I was serving time with them.”

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