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Critical reviews from the Bronx on stop and frisk

According to a New York Times public opinion poll, a significant majority of New Yorkers believe the New York Police Department’s stop and frisk policy disproportionally targets blacks and Hispanics. The policy allows police officers to stop and search people they consider suspicious as part of a larger effort to reduce crime.

In the Bronx, several residents claim the strategy traumatizes those who are searched, and prevents them from wanting to trust the police. Their views mirror a larger consensus among New Yorkers featured in a recent multimedia presentation.

2 Responses to “Critical reviews from the Bronx on stop and frisk”

  1. “Stop and Frisk” is a prime example of racial profiling running a muck in our Law Enforcement. Police and private companies profit from the judicial process and bottom-feed off of minorities in this country. You can read about how private companies and crooked politicians have turned our Police forces on their ear in every attempt to squeeze money out of the general public at

  2. avatar Miss Gideon says:

    People get off the same way though. Take a good look at Bobby Brown.California,toughest DUI laws in the United States and for his 3rd dui he does 9 hours.
    What kind of a joke is that? That’s not going to happen to me.


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