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New Pelham Parkway South sidewalk narrows service road, residents rally and sue

The city is being sued by Bronx residents over a new sidewalk that narrows their service road, the New York Daily News reports. The new sidewalk runs along the median that separates Pelham Parkway South from its service road.

The sidewalk reduces the service road to 26 feet wide — 12 feet with cars parked on both sides. Residents fear that fire trucks will not be able to navigate their street as a result.

On Monday, groups of residents marched along the service road to gather some support for their lawsuit. Props included sign’s that read “Dear Mayor, Tear up this sidewalk to nowhere” and cardboard coffins.

The city Transportation Department claims that the sidewalk is part of a $30 million restoration of Pelham Parkway, however residents still insist the sidewalk is unnecessary due to its dead end at the parkway’s South exit to Jacobi Hospital.

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