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City Council Committees Vote to Rezone Throggs Neck

Blue skies outside City Hall on Thursday. Elissa Castles for The Bronx Ink

In back-to-back meetings Thursday, City Council’s subcommittee on Zoning and Franchise and committee on Land Use voted unanimously to approve the rezoning of an area across Bruckner Boulevard in Throggs Neck to build more affordable housing for New Yorkers.

With a surprise change of opinion, Councilmember Marjorie Velazquez (D-Bronx) announced her support of the Bruckner Site proposal moments before the vote. She now joins Mayor Eric Adams and Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson in support for the project.

“We need to build a better NYC,” Velazquez said. “That does not mean that we hand our keys to developers. That does not mean that we remove the art of negotiation…it has always been about my district and meeting their needs…please put this as a yes,” she said.

Throggs Neck Associates LLC, a for-profit developer, is behind the Bruckner rezoning application. Its proposal seeks to rezone Throggs Neck’s long-standing low-zoning laws in order to build four multi-story mixed-use buildings which will include 349 residential units, 168 of which will be permanent affordable housing. 

This application has sparked months of heated debate within the Throggs Neck community, who largely disapprove of the change to the zoning, despite New York City’s need for more affordable housing

Originally, councilmember Velazquez echoed her communities’ concerns and opposed the project. However, in a statement posted by councilmember Velazquez Thursday, it was suggested an updated project was negotiated.

“The updated project voted out of the Council’s committee today delivers significantly deeper affordable housing for our community, more good jobs, and additional benefits,” the statement said.

Councilmember Velazquez’s District 13, where the development will reside, has added only 58 affordable housing units over the last eight years, ranking it 5th lowest in all 51 districts, according to data compiled by New York Housing Conference. The Bruckner Site alone will more than double the district’s production of affordable housing units.

The proposal will move to the full City Council for a final vote on October 12th where it, now with councilmember Velazquez’s support, is expected to pass. 

2 Responses to “City Council Committees Vote to Rezone Throggs Neck”

  1. avatar Emily says:

    What the heck! What a crazy turn of events that Velazquez flip-flopped her vote. Reeks of back-door political maneuverings, to the layperson… curious to see if the updated project will at all satisfy the community’s prior vehement feelings about it (both sides!). Would be an exceptional feat of politicking to have amended it so.

  2. avatar Iisa says:

    It’s been said years ago Throggs Neck is already crowded!There are other demographic areas you can build housing.You have no consideration for seniors nor for homeowners here who have been living here for years, nor for the children who have been going to school in the area for years! You have not studied the demographics nor the history of Throggs Neck. How ignorect can you get! You are showing disrespect for all of us in this community. A man of your age! You are encouraging crime in this area by approving this proposal! Are you prepared to be at fault if something happenes to people here,the elderly,the handicap,seniors,parents with children, infants! We already had problems when Son of Sam was on the prowl.Are you and Marjorie Velasquez aware of that?! You should be focusing more in stopping people causing crimes and carrying of weapons!Children bringing knives,guns to school.Ive known people who have worked in the Board of Ed complaining of this for years!Think about it!How are you going to feel if someone you know is attacked or killed even in your family? Saying sorry is not enough! That is not going to bring the person back! Then what? If you don’t focus on stopping the crimes that are going on today first in the street, in mass transit, in the schools, churches being vandalized,you are going to regret it. Trying to take on more than you can handle, you aren’t jeopardizing the people of Throggs Neck but yours.


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