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Scarsdale bidder emerges for 10 Bronx buildings

Steve Finkelstein, a Scarsdale-based landlord, presented a $28 million bid to buy 10 Bronx rent-controlled buildings. However, to finalize the agreement, he still needs to negotiate with a tenants group over unpaid back rents, future rent increases and the scope of repairs that the housing complexes need. The buildings are owned since 2007 by Milbank Real Estate, which two years ago defaulted on its $26 million mortgage. [Crain’s New York Business]

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Panel approves the closure of four Bronx schools

After more than six hours of public debate, the Panel for Educational Policy voted on Tuesday to close four schools in the Bronx along with other six institutions in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
The Department of Education says that the School for Community Research and Learning, the Urban Assembly Academy for History and Citizenship for Young Men, the New Day Academy and Monroe Academy for Business/Law High School consistently performed poorly on progress reports.
On Thursday, seven other schools in the Borough will face a vote. (News 12)

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Two men rescue a woman and children from burning building in East Tremont

Martin Gonzalez, 29, and James Williams, 22, became local heroes on Tuesday after they scaled an icy fire escape to rescue a woman and two babies from their burning five-story building on the corner of East 181st Street and Southern Bouelvard in East Tremont.
FDNY officials said the fire started on the first floor and quickly spread upward, trapping tenants. Two firefighters and thirteen residents reported minor injuries. (Daily News)

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Class struggles at a Bronx charter school

The recently open Bronx Success Academy 1, which is part of the charter schools network run by the Eva Moskowitz, expects not only to educate kids but to show that it can do better than traditional public schools.
While teachers citywide are struggling to gain the attention of the students, this new charter school it’s doing a good job “making its kids shut up and pay attention”

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Egyptians in the Bronx glad that Mubarak won’t run again

Egyptian residents of the  Bronx celebrated yesterday when President Hosni Mubarak announced that he will not seek another term in September.
Mohamed Ahmed, the owner of a jewelry store on Westchester Avenue, said he has been closely following the news, and he believes it was about time for Mubarak to step down. In his opinion, the country needs not only a new president, but a new political structure. (NY1)

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Bronx man accuses cops of conducting illegal cavity search

Bronx resident Shawn Schenk, 47, was arrested on Sep. 15 after the Police wrongly accused him of being a drug dealer at the Green Valley Deli and Pizza, at 158th St. and Park Avenue.

According his lawyer, the cops later conducted an “illegal and humiliating” cavity search without having the required warrant. However, NYPD denied the search and said the officers only frisked him. Now, Schenk is planing to sue the city. [Daily News]

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