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Department Of Corrections launch probe into attack of Rikers Island inmate, NY1

The Department of Corrections and the Bronx District Attorney’s office have launched an investigation into the brutal attack of a Rikers Island inmate that took place earlier this month, New York 1 reports.

Inmate Dusetree Taylor, who was transferred from an upstate prison to Rikers Island early this month to attend a court hearing, ended up in the hospital after being violently attacked by an inmate in the cell next to him.

Now investigators have decided to launch a formal investigation into the incident, telling New York 1 that Taylor’s attacker was the same inmate who beat up Taylor during an earlier court-related visit to the Bronx in May, and that the two should never have been placed in cells next to each other.

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Bronxdale High School principal under fire for alleged sexual harassment, Gothamist

A scandal of allegations of sexual harrasment has arisen against a Bronx high school principal, Gothamist reports.

At least two female teachers have filed complaints against Bronxsdale High School Principal John Chase, Jr. for allegedly making comments about his penis in the workplace.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education confirmed that the internal Office of Equal Employment was investigating an allegation of misconduct against Chase.

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Bronx teens have higher pregancy, STD rates, but average levels of sexual activity, NY1

A new study conducted by New York 1 has found that teens in the Bronx are getting pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases at a higher rate than those who live in other areas, but that promiscuity is not the problem.

The study found that despite the fact that teens in the Bronx are not having sex at a higher rate than anywhere else, the percentage of teenagers having babies in the Bronx is almost double that of teens living in Manhattan or Queens.

“It doesn’t add up,” Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos of the Silver School of Social Work told NY1. “Their behavior is not the sole way of dealing with this. Where they live and the context in which they are embedded creates vulnerability for them.”

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Transit worker stole enough scrap from rail yard to build a trailer, NYDN

A transit worker was arrested Thursday night in the Bronx after police discovered that he had stolen enough scraps and materials from a rail yard to build a trailer,  the New York Daily News reports.

Track worker William Grimaldi admitted to investigators that he took enough parts and material from the Westchester Yard to fashion a flat-bed trailer, authorities said.

“I’ve been doing this for a few years,” Grimadi told Investigator John Flannery of the MTA inspector general’s office, according to the criminal complaint filed after his Wednesday night arrest.

“I thought the stuff was garbage,” Grimaldi told authorities. He also acknowledged knowing NYC Transit paid a contractor to take excess material and sell it for the going rate, the complaint states.


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Bronx cop has heart attack, dies while on duty, New York Post reports

A longtime Bronx police officer died Wednesday evening after having a heart attack on the job and getting his squad car caught in a fender-bender, the New York Post reports.

NYPD officer Anthony DiGiovanna, 46, was driving on the Cross Bronx Expressway at 4 p.m. when the accident occurred, officials said.

DiGiovanna had served on the 48th Precinct police force for nearly 17 years.


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Bronx City Councilman allegedly forged $177 receipt for bagel, soda, NYTimes

Federal prosecutors testified Monday in the ongoing corruption trial of Bronx City Councilman Larry Seabrook that Seabrook doctored a receipt to make it appear that he spent $177 on a single bagel and diet soda.

“The original cost of this purchase was approximately $7,” an indictment against Seabrook reads. “But the receipt had been doctored so that the cost of the purchase appeared to be approximately $177.”

The alleged forgery is one of numerous corruption allegations being made against the Democratic councilman, including that he spent about $150 on rum and brandy at a liquor store on a non-profit political group’s dime.

Seabrook’s lawyers suggested that the alleged amounts spent by Seabrook are so small that. even if true, do not make him guilty of fraud.

“We’re talking about minuscule amounts of money,” Edward Wilford, an attorney for Seabrook, told New York 1 News Monday. “If Mr. Seabrook wanted to do what the government insists that he’s doing, and charged him with in this case, raid these corporate accounts, these non-profit accounts, why would he worry about $177? Why would he worry about $99? It doesn’t make any sense.”

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Bronx the only borough not visited by Cuomo, NYCN reveals

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not set foot in the Bronx since assuming office in January, a recent investigation by the New York Capitol News has revealed.

According to travel records posted on the governor’s “CitizenConnects” website, Cuomo has made no visits to the Bronx thus far during his term of office, despite the fact that 9 out of 10 of the borough’s residents voted for him in last year’s election.

Within the same time span, Cuomo made at least 50 trips upstate

Bronx Borough historian Lloyd Ultan told Capitol News that he knows of no other Democratic governor in state history to have served so long in office without making a stop in “the most Democratic county in the whole country.”

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Body of missing Bronx man discovered in Van Cortland Lake, NY1

An elderly Bronx man who had been missing since last week was discovered dead Monday morning in Van Cortland Lake, New York 1 reports. The cause of death is unknown.

Anthony McGurran, 77, was last seen Friday at his home on Bailey Avenue, police said.

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