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Fight at Bronx house party leaves one teen dead, three injured

Police stand at the corner of Barnes Avenue and Pelham Parkway, where a teen was killed and three other injured on Sunday. (Jean Carrere / The Bronx Ink)

Police stand at the corner of Barnes Avenue and Pelham Parkway, where a teen was killed and three others were injured on Sunday. (Jean Carrere / The Bronx Ink)

This morning, police identified a suspect in the killing of a 14-year-old boy who was stabbed in the chest after a fight broke out at a party in the Bronx in the early hours of Sunday. The suspect was described as a black male in his late teens or early 20s who goes by the nickname “Shaq.” At the time of the stabbing, he was wearing blue jeans, a red shirt, and a blue du-rag. The police have not made any arrests as of Monday afternoon.

The victim, identified as Justin Fallu by the police, was pronounced dead on arrival at Jacobi Medical Center on Pelham Parkway early Sunday.

Three other teens, also stabbed during the incident, were reported in stable condition  at the hospital on Sunday: two 18-year-old men who were stabbed in the chest, and a 17-year-old man who sustained a shoulder wound. Hospital officials declined to comment on their condition on Monday nor state whether the young men had been released. The police declined to comment on whether they were cooperating with the investigation.

The fight broke out around 3 a.m. on Sunday, allegedly after a number of young men were kicked out of the party, according to a resident of the building where the party took place; she asked to remain anonymous. Beginning in an apartment on the first floor, the party spilled out to the sidewalk in front of the building located at 2194 Barnes Avenue in the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx.

The resident said she went out to walk her dog around 2:30 a.m. and saw young men waiting in the hallway and hanging out in front of the building. The woman said the teens started to run and fight as she made her way back to her apartment, and that her 19-year-old son called 911 after hearing screams in the street.

Another witness recounted events from a different vantage point. “I went to visit a friend around 2 a.m. right across the street, and saw about 20 people in front of the building. I remember thinking they looked really young,” said Kasim William, 19.

An hour later, William and his friend heard noise outside and looked out the window. William said they saw a man lying on the ground at the corner of Barnes Avenue and Pelham Parkway, and another on the ground at the corner of Wallace Avenue and Pelham Parkway.

“Ambulances were arriving, so we didn’t even call 911. It’s crazy to think this would happen in our neighborhood,” William said.

The Pelham Parkway area, patrolled by the 49th precinct, is one of the safest areas in the Bronx. Crime has been dropping steadily in recent years, with a 11.6 per cent drop in violent crimes over the last year, and a 34 per cent drop over the past five years, according to NYPD statistics.

Neighborhood residents gathered behind the police lines on Sunday to discuss the violence and expressed shock.

“It could have been me at that party, I know a lot of people in that street,” said Kofi Sarpong, 16, who lives two blocks away. “This is a nice neighborhood, we’re not used to this.”

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No closure in cop sexual assault case

The parents of a Bronx girl who was sexually assaulted 16 months ago by an NYPD officer grimaced in the gallery yesterday when the judge announced that closure would have to wait at least another month.

Sentencing was expected Wednesday, Sept. 24, for Modesto Alamo, 38, who pleaded guilty in July to sexually abusing, forcibly touching and endangering the welfare of a 13-year-old girl. Alamo resigned from the police force upon his May 24, 2014 arrest. Instead, Judge Laurence E. Busching of the Bronx Supreme Court said he would issue a sentence and determine Alamo’s sex offender category Oct. 23.

Bronx Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Militano petitioned Wednesday for Alamo to be designated a Level 2 sex offender, for “moderate risk or repeat offense,” arguing that his betrayal of a position of trust justified the heightened classification.

Defense lawyer Solomon J. Schepps argued that the victim “was the one who established the relationship in the first place” through a series of non-sexual text messages. Schepps also claimed there is no precedent for holding police officers to the higher standard Militano endorsed. He encouraged a Level 1, “low risk,” designation.

It has been a “lengthy, stressful, disappointing process,” the victim’s mother said in the hallway after yesterday’s hearing. She added that her daughter, now 15, receives counseling and has changed middle schools since the incidents. Although the parents have been fixtures at Alamo hearings, they said they try to shield their daughter from news of the case.

“It is ridiculous that he gets away like it,” said the mother, who sobbed in the courtroom when the prosecutor described the abuse. “He was never in custody.”

Alamo arrived in court in a long-sleeve T-shirt and blue jeans, donning a baseball cap upon leaving the courtroom to obscure photographs of his face. Busching denied a special request from The New York Daily News to photograph today’s proceedings.

Schepps and Militano declined to comment.

In the criminal complaint, the victim is said to have referred to Alamo as her boyfriend. She initially reached out to Alamo for help with a bullying situation at school, Militano said in court and the two exchanged frequent texts for several weeks.The complaint states that Alamo visited her multiple times in her apartment lobby, first on New Year’s Day 2013, where he kissed her and groped her rear end. Alamo also sent the teenager lewd photographs via text.

The victim’s mother said outside court Wednesday that it was Alamo who initiated contact in November 2012 when he complimented a picture her daughter had uploaded on Instagram.

Alamo is released on bail of $1,500.


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Footage of Bronx shooting released

Police released video footage of a shooting that took place in the Bronx on Monday. Three men attacked two teens and shot one of them in the leg at East 174th Street and Eastburn Avenue. The New York Post reports.

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Man stabbed three times over iPhone

A 23-year-old man was stabbed three times at East Tremont and Westchester Avenue early on Thursday. He is in stable condition. The attacker took off with his iPhone. The New York Daily News reports.

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Car crash in Hunt’s Point injures driver, kills passenger

A driver attempting to pass a tractor trailer collided with an unoccupied parked vehicle on Tuesday morning, and is now in critical condition. His passenger was killed. The driver, unlicensed, faces charges. The New York Daily News reports.

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Bronx car crash kills two, injures one

Two men died on the Bronx River Parkway after their vehicle hit a tree early Friday, in what appears to be a street race. One last passenger was critically injured. The New York Daily News Reports.

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