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Bronx lawyers tired of listening to ‘sex tapes’, New York Post

Bronx lawyers for a group of accused drug-running gangbangers are complaining about having to sift through hundreds of hours of recorded jail conversations in which their clients brag about their sex lives, The New York Post reports.

One defense attorney asked out of the case but the judge rejected his request.

The attorneys were obliged to listen to 5,575 phone calls to see if there was anything relevant to their clients’ defense after prosecutors handed them over.

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Four employees paid $80,000 in overtime at Jacobi Medical Center, Daily News

Four employees at Jacobi Medical Center each banked more than $80,000 in overtime last year the New York Daily News reports.

They have boosted their wages to an average $120,000, city records show, which is three times their $33,000 base salary.

The four men are well-known as the Bronx hospital’s overtime kings.


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