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Cops convicted of misconduct

Two NYPD officers accused of beating a Bronx man with a baton and making him during a road rage incident in 2008 were convicted of official misconduct yesterday.

The officers face up to a year in jail for official misconduct. [Gothamist]

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Burglar targets churches in the Bronx

Police are investigating four church burglaries in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx.

Since the end of March more than six thousand dollars have been stolen from the four churches.

Police have no suspects and no descriptions at this time. [ABC News – VIDEO]

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DIGITAL BRONX: Ballads of the Bronx

The Bronx is home to all kinds of music from hip-hop to salsa—and Bronxites, it turns out, love to show it off on YouTube. So we at Bronx Ink selected our favorite three music videos highlighting the Bronx and Bronx musicians.

Which one do you like best? Vote below. Feel free to write your critiques in the comment box below and also let us know if you think another video deserves to be in the competition.

Click here for more stories on the Digital Bronx.

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Bronx cobra tweeter offered a PR job

Jerry Schwartz, the chief of a public relations agency in New York has offered the anonymous Bronx cobra tweeter a job with his firm. [O’Dwyer]

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JPMorgan donates building to Bronx Arts Council

JPMorgan Chase donated a $850,000 building to the Bronx Council on the Arts.

The council helps thousands of artists and hundreds of community based organizations with job training, fellowships and show space for art. [VIDEO – NY1]

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National transportation agency to review discount bus safety

The National Transportation Safety Board will conduct a review of the safety system governing the discount tour bus industry in the wake of last month’s deadly Bronx bus crash that killed 15 passengers, authorities announced on Sunday. [Reuters]

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Bronx Zoo cobra signs a book deal

Publisher, HarperCollins will publish an autobiography of the Egyptian cobra that disappeared and was found last month at the Bronx Zoo.

The Bronx Zoo’s spokespeople claim that the snake never left the Reptile House, but the Egyptian cobra says that the official story is a cover-up. [Huffington Post]

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Bronx Zoo asks public to name found cobra

The Bronx Zoo is asking the public to help pick a name for its Egyptian cobra that disappeared and was found again last month.

After 33,000 votes, it is now down to the following five:
• Agnes, which is Greek for “pure” or “holy.”
• Amaunet, an ancient Egyptian goddess.
• Cleopatra, after the pharaoh who is said to have killed herself with a serpent bite.
• Subira, which is Egyptian for “patient.”
• Mia, which spells out the abbreviation “M.I.A.” that stands for “missing in action.”

To vote on the snake’s name, visit [VIDEO – NY1]

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