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Rooted in The Bronx: It’s Called Breaking and it’s Headed to the Olympics

The energy was electric. Breakdancers glided and exploded through the air to the beat, shuffling their feet, twisting on their backs and spinning on their heads. The crowd nodded and awed in a breakdancing battle on the top floor of an inconspicuous Queens apartment building on a Sunday back in October. It’s a scene familiar […]

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Mobile Car Washers in the Bronx Take Up Permanent Residence on Jerome Avenue

Tension exists between mobile car washers, community members, and official car washing businesses in the Bronx. Along Jerome Avenue, dozens of Bronx residents have set up vans, offering car washing services. It is unclear whether they have attained the proper licensing to do so.  During a community gathering held on Webster Avenue in April, community […]

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New York City Says Bronx Pedestrian Pathway Lawsuit Should be Dismissed, Case is ‘Moot’

New York City remains steadfast in its position that it did not violate Title II of the American Disabilities Act in the pedestrian pathway class action lawsuit filed by Disability Rights New York on behalf of Bronx residents Carlos and Stephanie Diaz.  In its response to the lawsuit, the city stated the Diazes’ complaint of […]

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Non-Profit Community Center in Kingsbridge Needs $2 million in Repairs

On a Wednesday morning in October, the sound of children playing filled the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, a non-profit organization in the Bronx. Classrooms were filled with dozens of students while strollers lined the sides of the building. Staff members cooked in the kitchen getting the next meal ready for families that may be struggling […]

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Excelsior Scholarship Not Reaching Bronx Students

Introduced in 2017 by then New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and hailed as a “groundbreaking proposal” by both Cuomo and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Excelsior scholarship program intended to help low to middle income students, isn’t getting to the poorest students in the state, according to a report published in May by the Urban Institute, […]

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Remaining Quonset Hut Serves as a Reminder of Current New York City Housing Crisis

In the midst of New York City’s housing crisis, in which Mayor Eric Adams has initiated the construction of a tent city for over 10,000 migrants, a huge silver-colored dome-shaped hut made of rigid steel sits between Rosedale and Metcalf — in the middle of Seward Avenue — in Soundview. It’s a reminder that the […]

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AOC Town Hall Discusses Asylum Seekers, War in Ukraine and Post Office

A town hall held by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D – NY 14th District) Wednesday night in Pelham Parkway, addressed several issues including the war in Ukraine, immigration, gun rights and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). But for Bronxite Daina Finch, 68, being able to utilize her local post office was her priority.  “Locally, we’ve […]

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African Heritage Celebrated by City’s Second African American Mayor

Mayor Eric Adams hosted an “African Heritage Reception” at Gracie Mansion last Thursday. He builds on a tradition started by former Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2018. Back then, de Blasio had planned to make the event a yearly celebration, but it had not been held since 2019.  The event was organized through MOSPCE, the […]

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