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Morris Heights Residents Voice Concerns About Noise and Pollution as City Plans to Renovate Jennie Jerome Playground

Community members in Morris Heights are asking the city to address noise and pollution as it begins the process of renovating the Jennie Jerome Playground. The park, located on Jerome Ave. near the Bronx Expressway, is getting a $4 million dollar facelift. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation held a scope meeting […]

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Grammy-Award Winner Eddie Palmieri Launches the Lehman Center’s 2022-23 Season

Grammy-Award winning artist Eddie Palmieri and his Salsa Orchestra launched the Lehman Center’s 2022-23 season on Saturday evening.  Palmieri is a long-time performer at The Lehman Center and his popular presence is in-line with efforts to focus concert programming on reflecting the community’s diversity. Those efforts have been heralded by The Lehman Center’s Executive Director, […]

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Bronx Community College Hosts Kids Comic Con Sci-Fest

Dozens of families attended the annual Kids Comic Con event held at Bronx Community College Saturday—the first one held in-person since 2019. This year’s convention, named Sci-Fest, was focused on the relationship between comics, science and technology. The event was co-founded and organized by comic book writer Alex Simmons and Bronx Community College Director of […]

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Stone Soup of the South Bronx

The sixth annual Big Bronx Sancochazo mixes salsa, spices and collective Caribbean pride Brook Park

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Bronx Puerto Rican Parade Embraces Diversity

This year’s Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade is expected to be a strong showing of the Bronx’s growing ethnic diversity.

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Looking for answers from a psychic in The Bronx

A simple Google search won’t do to find Ave Castellanos, a 47 year-old Bronx-based psychic. She doesn’t have a Yelp profile, or an Instagram or Facebook account, and yet it’s common to see a line of people waiting for her advice. The only requirement for an accurate reading is to have faith in her.

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Putting Little Yemen on The Map

A concentration of Yemeni residents live in Morris Park and Van Nest, an area now dubbed Little Yemen, even on Google Maps.

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A Boxing Gym Owner Fights to Keep His Culture Alive

El Maestro is no ordinary boxing gym, but now this vibrant cultural center is under threat.

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