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Mobile Car Washers in the Bronx Take Up Permanent Residence on Jerome Avenue

Tension exists between mobile car washers, community members, and official car washing businesses in the Bronx. Along Jerome Avenue, dozens of Bronx residents have set up vans, offering car washing services. It is unclear whether they have attained the proper licensing to do so.  During a community gathering held on Webster Avenue in April, community […]

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New York City Says Bronx Pedestrian Pathway Lawsuit Should be Dismissed, Case is ‘Moot’

New York City remains steadfast in its position that it did not violate Title II of the American Disabilities Act in the pedestrian pathway class action lawsuit filed by Disability Rights New York on behalf of Bronx residents Carlos and Stephanie Diaz.  In its response to the lawsuit, the city stated the Diazes’ complaint of […]

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Remembering Ruth Mullen: Community Honors Riverdale Activist One Year After Her Death

Dozens of people gathered Sunday afternoon in Riverdale to honor Ruth Mullen – a neighborhood activist who was killed by an MTA express bus while crossing the street outside her home on Johnson Avenue in early September of last year.   Mullen, 68, was an activist in her community, and was a part of a local […]

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Next to Woodlawn Cemetery, another graveyard: abandoned cars

One fall day, the Bronx Ink counted 26 18-wheelers, five abandoned vehicles, four RV’s, eight parked tow trucks, six cargo vans, five minivans, three double decker buses, two piles of at least six trash bags each, and one dead raccoon.

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