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ASPCA to expand free, subsidized animal care to South Bronx

ASPCA is expected to open a community veterinary center in the South Bronx next Spring. The community hopes the center will address some of the persistent issues with the mobile clinics.

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Hidden hospital courtrooms, where the mentally ill fight forced treatment

Every Wednesday a judge comes to Bronx Psychiatric Center and oversees hearings in which the hospital wants to force a patient to stay hospitalized or take treatment. How do these small makeshift courtrooms straddle the balance between respecting civil rights and ensure that patients get the treatment they need even if they don’t want it?

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Albany is listening, but legal marijuana advocates remain skeptical

The public meeting on whether or not New York should legalize marijuana hadn’t even started yet, and things were already getting heated. “Who here loves pot?” a large, bearded man shouted as he walked into the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in Queens, the site of a Sept. 24 listening session. It was the latest on […]

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No “Big Apple” in the Bronx

Morrisania in the South Bronx has long been known as a “food desert” for its lack of fresh produce — the local Youthmarket is trying to improve the situation.

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Saving Stray Cats in Morrisania

An overpopulation of feral cats have been a long-term headache in the Bronx. Edith Georgia, 65, volunteers to save the lives of more than 25 stray cats in her Morrisania neighborhood.

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Naloxone: A Life Saver in a Neglected World

An injection of the drug Naloxone can reverse the effect of opioid overdose, but the success rate depends on rapid response.

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Sobering conditions at Narco Freedom’s three-quarter homes

Mott Haven’s Narco Freedom executives are charged with pilfering medicaid funds, while clients languish in their sober homes under poor conditions

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Dreams and Nightmares

The city’s health department reports a steady rise in heroin deaths over the last four years. One-quarter of those deaths are in the Bronx. This is the story of a survivor.

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