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The Future of Gifted Education in the Bronx

A recommendation that Mayor Bill de Blasio phase out all New York City gifted programs has left the fate of gifted education in the Bronx uncertain. If implemented, the programs, which are comprised predominantly of black and Latino students, would come to an end.

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96 Year-Old-Store Facing New Challenges

Moe Stein calls his store a “Local Landmark”, and after 96 years, “Frank’s” has outlasted the tough retail business on East Tremont in the Bronx. Recently, the store has begun facing a new obstacle; its own retailers.

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Bronx Men, an Endangered Species

According to Census data, for every two male teenagers in Williamsbridge, there is only one man in his late thirties. Some residents believe men caught between gang activity and aggressive policing are facing particular pressures to move out of the area.

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Two Westchester Square Libraries Slated for Upgrades

Westchester Square in the East Bronx is slated to get a gleaming, glass-walled 12,000 square-foot library and an outdoor performance shell for plays and concerts. If all goes as planned, a deal between the New York Public Library and the private Huntington Free Library is allowing both to expand their services in the area. The […]

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When the Bronx was Burning, the Pornos were Booming

Flashback to the 1970’s and the glory days of independent movie theatres in the Bronx. Film projectionist Bob Endres takes us back to the Globe Theatre in Pelham Parkway and remembers the theatre’s lurid lost legacy.

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Bangladeshi families prep for controversial specialized high school exam

Parkchester middle school children prep for the upcoming specialized high school exam at the private Khan’s Tutorial, even as the test’s future is up in the air.

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Soundview’s booming juice bar market attracts customers, and some concerns

Juice bars are booming in Soundview even as some medical experts raise concerns about their hidden dangers for diabetics

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Bronx Voters Flocked to the Polls in Spite of Sandy

Flooded basements and last-minute polling site changes did not seem to deter Bronx voters from going to the polls.

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