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Who has the oldest store in Norwood?

Allan Freilich, owner of Freilich Jewelers, outside the family shop in Norwood (JASMEET SIDHU/The Bronx Ink)

Eamonn McDwyer has operated McDwyer's pub since 1966 (JASMEET SIDHU/The Bronx Ink

Two Norwood shop owners are locked in a feud over whose business is the oldest.

In one corner is Eamonn McDwyer, 74, owner of McDwyer’s Pub. In the other, Allan Freilich, 59, who runs Freilich Jewelers. Both businesses are on 204th Street; both men are longtime residents of the area.

McDwyer claims he alone has continuously run the pub since 1966, Freilich argues that when he took over the jewelry store in 1970, he was continuing his father’s business, which had opened shop in 1939.

Listen to their debate below:

Who do you think is right?

Which Norwood business do you believe is older? (See both sides of the debate here)

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Norwood jeweler keeping the shine, even in hard times

Keeping the shine, Even in hard times from Connie Preti on Vimeo.

Allan Freilich who presides over the 70-year old jewelry store in Norwood, makes a case for the power of a family business during hard times

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