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Teacher cuts self after incident inside classroom

A history teacher from the Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy in Marble Hill was taken to the hospital Thursday after an outburst, which resulted in a self-inflicted injury, according to the NYDaily News.

Peter Bogolub reportedly “expressed anger and distress” following an incident involving a student who misbehaved in class.

Bogolub, a father of three, was taken to North Central Bronx Hospital.


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Marble Hill’s Bronx vs. Manhattan status, City Hall

Marble Hill is a complicated place. By land mass, it sits in the Bronx. But by legislation, it’s actually part of Manhattan. City Hall news provides a history lesson about why the anomaly exists.

In 1895, city engineers wanted to connect the Hudson and East rivers to aid shipping efficacy, so they dug a canal beneath Marble Hill.In 1912 when Bronx County was created, and Marble Hill was part of it, reports City Hall.

But in 1984, a Marble Hill resident called in for jury duty in Manhattan tried to get out of it by claiming she was a Bronx County resident. The case never went anywhere, but the judge made the decision that Marble Hill was part of the Bronx. Afterward, then-assemblyman John Brian Murtagh sponsored a resolution making Marble Hill part of Manhattan, City Hall writes.

So, Marble Hill is part of Manhattan and New York County, but is physically part of the Bronx. It has a Bronx area code, zip code and services like sanitation, but elects its officials from Manhattan.


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In Marble Hill, an Oasis Amid a Food Desert

by Connor Boals

Sarah Shaikh, community outreach organizer for Schervier Nursing Care Facility, isn’t pleased with the healthy options for the residents of the West Bronx neighborhood of Marble Hill. Read the full story

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