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Bronx High School of Science faces high teacher turnover rate this year

The New York Times reported on September 16 that 8 of 20 social studies teachers at Bronx High School of Science have decided not to teach at the school again this year. “In my 25 years of teaching experience, I have never witnessed so many people transfer out of one department so quickly,” said Louis DiIulio, on of the social studies teachers who decided to stay at the school. Many teachers blame the administration. The New York Times found in interviews conducted with 7 former or current teachers at Bronx Science that teachers felt berated and disrespected by the administration, and in particular by Principal Valerie Reidy. Ms. Reidy, though, claims that turnover is a natural part of the school environment. “Turnover happens, and our job is to make sure that when turnover happens it’s a positive thing for students,” she said.

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