The cost for small businesses

by Matthew Huisman

Carl Hum, president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, said the health care bill will help expand the coverage offered to the workforce and emphasized that a healthy workforce is essential for any successful business.

“From a business perspective it only makes sense that health care is provided for employees,” Hum said, referring to the low-cost health insurance that the chamber offers its members. “We have over 500 businesses and we know the results. They are getting a more dedicated work force that doesn’t have to worry about paying for health insurance. Our economy is built on having a stable and reliable workforce.”

The bill will require companies with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance to their employees, which is of some concern to small business owners. But since 90 percent of businesses in Brooklyn have less than 50 employees many companies won’t face the steep cost of providing health insurance.

Hum is optimistic that the bill will help small businesses and hopes the price tag associated will be a reasonable one. “Overall the bill is unlike anything else. You are not going to get anything that’s perfect but it comes a long way to cover people. The question is will it be affordable or not?”

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