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Why are So Many Highbridge Students Unprepared for College?

Only 13 percent of the neighborhood’s high school students are ready to go to college when they graduate.

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From Weeds to a Healthy Harvest at Fordham

A student transformed abandoned land at Fordham University into an on-campus farm, offering fresh organic vegetables to both Fordham students and residents in the Bronx.

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Raising The Age: One Step Towards Fixing The Juvenile Criminal System

A campaign aimed at helping young offenders may be reaching a critical turning point

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Fordham’s “Notorious PhD” Turns his Attention to the Perils of Standardized Tests

Professor Naison believes the high rates of obesity among Bronx children may be caused in part by school policies that emphasize test prep over physical activity.

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Bronx Students Protest Presence of Police School Safety Officers

New York Police Department School Safety Division data reveals that 30 percent of the total arrests and 51 percent of the total summons were issued in the Bronx.

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Drive-by Wi-Fi Coming to a Project Near You

The New York City Housing Authority hopes to help close the city’s digital divide by bringing wired vans to nine housing projects and other neighborhoods in the Bronx.

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Nearly half of NYC’s failing schools are in the Bronx

A newly released list issued by the New York State Department of Education states 53 schools in the Bronx are in need of shaping up or risk closure, the Bronx Times reported. A total of 123 schools, ranging from elementary to high school, are on the list. Among the 43 percent of schools in the […]

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New Settlement School Opens with Mayoral Fanfare

Mayor Bloomberg celebrates opening day at the brand new New Settlement School by telling teachers and principals it’s up to them to do the “heavy lifting” from now on.

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  • Teenagers can now serve on local community boards

    New York State recently passed a measure that allows residents as young as 16 to serve on community boards, the Norwood News reports. The bill was drafted by Bronx Councilman Ritchie Torres in an effort to involve more youth in community decisions.

  • Police charge three men in the death of Livery Cab Driver

    Three men were arrested and charged with murdering livery cab driver Aboubacar Bah, 62, the New York Times reported. Takiem Ewing, Tyrone Felder, and Kareem Martin were accused of shooting Bah early morning on Tuesday and dumping his body at Hunts Point before stealing his car, according to police. Conviction could result in life imprisonment […]

  • Residents given two plastic bags and a day’s notice to vacate homeless shelter

    A homeless shelter on 941 Intervale in Hunts Point is being vacated by the Department of Homeless Services, the Village Voice reports. Residents have been given two plastic bags and 24 hours to vacate the premises. The move comes after city authorities claimed that the organization running the shelter, Aguila, Inc, did not use the […]

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