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Mobile Car Washers in the Bronx Take Up Permanent Residence on Jerome Avenue

Tension exists between mobile car washers, community members, and official car washing businesses in the Bronx. Along Jerome Avenue, dozens of Bronx residents have set up vans, offering car washing services. It is unclear whether they have attained the proper licensing to do so.  During a community gathering held on Webster Avenue in April, community […]

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New York City Says Bronx Pedestrian Pathway Lawsuit Should be Dismissed, Case is ‘Moot’

New York City remains steadfast in its position that it did not violate Title II of the American Disabilities Act in the pedestrian pathway class action lawsuit filed by Disability Rights New York on behalf of Bronx residents Carlos and Stephanie Diaz.  In its response to the lawsuit, the city stated the Diazes’ complaint of […]

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Community Board Member Requests Stronger Communications from DOHMH

At the Bronx Community Board 2 meeting last month, Roland Lopez stood up to complain about lack of notice for pesticide spraying by the Department of Health in his neighborhood, Longwood’s historic district. Lopez, who is the board’s environmental chair, claimed that the DOHMH is not doing an adequate job notifying the public. They’re not […]

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Remaining Quonset Hut Serves as a Reminder of Current New York City Housing Crisis

In the midst of New York City’s housing crisis, in which Mayor Eric Adams has initiated the construction of a tent city for over 10,000 migrants, a huge silver-colored dome-shaped hut made of rigid steel sits between Rosedale and Metcalf — in the middle of Seward Avenue — in Soundview. It’s a reminder that the […]

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Food Planting Event in New York Botanical Garden Helps Address Food Insecurity in Bronx

The “three sisters”— beans, corn, and squash—grow in a semicircle shaped plot at the far end of Edible Academy’s vegetable garden in the Bronx. Beans grow wrapped around corn stems for support. The roots of beans fortify the soil with nitrogen, important for the growth of corn and squash. Orange, yellow, and green squash have […]

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Pickleball Is On The Rise: One Bronx Resident Requests More Courts

Alex Rosenblum, 74, grew up as an athlete playing hockey and tennis. Being active was a huge part of his life until he had his first heart attack at 42. Rosenblum’s cardiologist told him to “take it easy.”  Taking his doctors advice Rosenblum bought a place down in Florida and spent his winters there — […]

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Morris Heights Residents Voice Concerns About Noise and Pollution as City Plans to Renovate Jennie Jerome Playground

Community members in Morris Heights are asking the city to address noise and pollution as it begins the process of renovating the Jennie Jerome Playground. The park, located on Jerome Ave. near the Bronx Expressway, is getting a $4 million dollar facelift. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation held a scope meeting […]

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South Asian non-profit addresses increase in domestic violence cases 

Sapna NYC, the first and only non-profit organization in the Bronx that provides services for low-income South Asian immigrant women and provides support to victims of domestic violence.

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