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The Right to A Lawyer in Housing Court May Soon Become A Reality

New York City may guarantee free legal counsel for low income tenants facing eviction. The Right to Counsel Bill introduced by Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson and Councilman Mark Levine in order to counter the increasing homelessness in the city is steadily gaining traction in the City Council.

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Sobering conditions at Narco Freedom’s three-quarter homes

Mott Haven’s Narco Freedom executives are charged with pilfering medicaid funds, while clients languish in their sober homes under poor conditions

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Local garden reignites long-lost community spirit

Residents gathered at 924 Kelly Street garden on Saturday to celebrate Field Day, organized by the Laundromat Project, partaking in a variety of activities.

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Day 15 After Sandy: Elderly Chinese Residents Still in the Dark

Low-income elderly Chinese immigrants living without power in Manhattan’s Knickerbocker Village are still walking for blocks to access donated food and blankets.

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Before, During and After: Bronxites React to Hurricane Sandy

Bronx residents uploaded pictures, videos and personal reactions to Hurricane Sandy on social media.

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Tracey Towers Lawsuit Fails to Stop 65 Percent Rent Hike

A State Supreme Court Justice ruled that a rent increase of over 65 percent is permitted to take effect at Tracey Towers.

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Lack of Cheap Housing Boosts Illegal SROs in the Bronx

The city housing authority has tried to crack down on illegally converted single room occupancy units, but the boom in the Bronx continues.

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Drive-by Wi-Fi Coming to a Project Near You

The New York City Housing Authority hopes to help close the city’s digital divide by bringing wired vans to nine housing projects and other neighborhoods in the Bronx.

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