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Parks department officials announce water safety measures following drownings in the Bronx

New York Parks Department officials unveiled new safety measures for more than fifty city-wide boat launches on Friday.

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Bronx cab drivers divided about surveillance cameras

Some cab drivers in the Bronx are not convinced that installing a surveillance camera in their cabs will protect them from assault or violence crimes after two livery cabbies were slain in recent weeks.

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Hurricane Sandy Leaves Behind Fallen Trees, Power Outages Along South Coast of Bronx

Falling trees and power outages posed the biggest threats to residents who weren’t living in high-risk flood zones as Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Bronx.

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Sandy Batters Eastern Coast of the Bronx

Hurricane Sandy hit the Southeast shores of the Bronx Monday evening causing extensive damage across residential areas.

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West African Patients Lost in Translation

Before the Diaspora Clinic opened, health workers at the Martin Luther King Hospital found that many patients who speak minority languages ended up in emergency rooms.

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Why are So Many Highbridge Students Unprepared for College?

Only 13 percent of the neighborhood’s high school students are ready to go to college when they graduate.

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State Pulls Funding from Highbridge’s only Mental Health Clinic for Children

Astor at Highbridge, a mental health clinic for children and adolescents in the Highbridge section of the Bronx, will lose three-quarters of its funding from New York State by next year.

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Raising The Age: One Step Towards Fixing The Juvenile Criminal System

A campaign aimed at helping young offenders may be reaching a critical turning point

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  • Woman charged with manslaughter in the death of a toddler at her day care center

    The Bronx caregiver was arrested on Friday Aug. 22nd after the death of 20-month-old Cardell Williamson, The New York Times reports.

  • Sears closes emblematic Bronx store 

    The 33 year-old store located on Fordham Road is closing, The Daily News reports. The shop will officially shut its doors in November and its 91 employees will be able to apply for open positions at other stores.

  • River Park drug gang charged for four years

    The Feds busted a gang that allegedly held the residents of the River Park Towers captive of their drug traffic, The Daily News reports. One of the 19 members is Tyrone Felder, who was also charged last week in the murder of a Bronx livery cab driver.

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