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From Weeds to a Healthy Harvest at Fordham

A student transformed abandoned land at Fordham University into an on-campus farm, offering fresh organic vegetables to both Fordham students and residents in the Bronx.

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Bronx Students Protest Presence of Police School Safety Officers

New York Police Department School Safety Division data reveals that 30 percent of the total arrests and 51 percent of the total summons were issued in the Bronx.

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From Albanian Roots to an Albany Job: Mark Gjonaj’s Long Trail to the Assembly

Assembly candidate Mark Gjonaj came from humble beginnings and will most likely be the first Albanian-American in the New York State Assembly.

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Sounding Off On Stop and Frisk

Bronx Ink reporters fanned out over 12 neighborhoods last week to capture the stories and thoughts from Bronx residents about law enforcement tactics.

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Facebook Complaints About Valet Parking Spur Action

Restaurants with valet parking are accused of making Bronxdale Avenue difficult to live near and drive on.

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Latino Voters Say No Way to Romney

A BronxInk survey found that 90 percent of Hispanic voters were planning to vote for President Barack Obama; 0 percent for his Republican challenger

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Van Nest Library Asked to Do More With Less

Local Pelham Parkway library branches try to balance their changing roles with changing resources

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For New York City Century Cyclists, the Bronx was Life in the Slow Lane

Street fairs were an obstacle for riders on this 100-miles tour through the five boroughs

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  • Woman charged with manslaughter in the death of a toddler at her day care center

    The Bronx caregiver was arrested on Friday Aug. 22nd after the death of 20-month-old Cardell Williamson, The New York Times reports.

  • Sears closes emblematic Bronx store 

    The 33 year-old store located on Fordham Road is closing, The Daily News reports. The shop will officially shut its doors in November and its 91 employees will be able to apply for open positions at other stores.

  • River Park drug gang charged for four years

    The Feds busted a gang that allegedly held the residents of the River Park Towers captive of their drug traffic, The Daily News reports. One of the 19 members is Tyrone Felder, who was also charged last week in the murder of a Bronx livery cab driver.

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