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U.S. Congressional candidate Ocasio-Cortez may have what it takes to reverse low black voter turnout in November

“There are a lot of folks that are in other districts who are a little scared to say things like, ‘Black Lives Matter,'” 14th District Congressional Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said at a local Bronx campaign rally.

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Why would a Black Republican run for State Assembly in the Bronx?

Alpheaus Marcus is a rarity, particularly in the Bronx, the borough with the highest percentage of Democrats in the city. What drove him to run as a Republican, in a race he has little chance of winning?

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A different kind of corner store: A story of surviving homelessness

Dennis Pentier, a 48 year-old Jamaican immigrant, has been homeless here in New York City for the past eight years. Ejected from a city shelter, he survives day to day from his makeshift outdoor shop on a block in the Tremont neighborhood that he currently calls home.

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Albany is listening, but legal marijuana advocates remain skeptical

The public meeting on whether or not New York should legalize marijuana hadn’t even started yet, and things were already getting heated. “Who here loves pot?” a large, bearded man shouted as he walked into the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in Queens, the site of a Sept. 24 listening session. It was the latest on […]

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Bronx Museum of The Arts Offers Rare Glimpse into Lives of Iranian Women

Bronx-born photojournalist Randy Goodman brings her photos of Iranian women taken over a three-decade span to Bronx Museum of Arts, challenging perceptions of Muslim women at home and abroad.

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Incumbent Staves Off Leftist Insurgent in 84th Assembly District

Carmen Arroyo, 82, hung on to her Hunts Point state assembly seat last night, even though progressive candidate Amanda Septimo, 27, won more percentage of votes than any previous challenger.

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The Art Of Change: Graffiti Show In The South Bronx Amidst Development Concerns

British artist Nick Walker of “gentleman vandal” fame displaying his stencil graffiti works in the Bronx and of the Bronx at Wallworks Art Gallery in Port Morris. The exhibit, “The Last Ride,” opened Sept. 17.

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From Street Vendor to Shop Owner

Without proper immigration paperwork and no previous experience in flower design, this Bronx entrepreneur beats all odds by opening her own flower shop and restarting her life for the third time.

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