Brooklyn’s unhappy republicans

by Danielle Bengsch

Republicans willing to speak about the bill’s passage were either unhappy or outraged.

Leon Nadrowski is a surgeon, internist and speaker for the Republicans in Brooklyn.

He is also local leader of the Republican Party in the 50th Assembly District that includes Williamsburg and Greenpoint. “I find socialized medicine is on the horizon,” he said. “All the Democrats are pushing towards socialized medicine like they have in Canada and in Great Britain.

There the people are fleeing their countries to get medical treatment. It’s a disaster.”

The bill’s passage is the “first step towards socialism,” said Belindra Lindros, Republican State Committee member from the 40th Assembly District, which includes East New York, Canarsie and Brownsville.

Many of the Republicans in her district, she says, are senior citizens who are facing cuts in their medical insurance. She also says that insurers have raised the fees before the passage of the bill. “What they’re telling you and what you are seeing is the total opposite,” she said.

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