“This will mean less time with each patient” – Brooklyn Doc

by K. S. Nikhil Kumar

A Brooklyn doctor of 25 years believes that the health care reform legislation is not the right direction to be moving in because it puts more pressure on professionals like him, instead of on the insurance industry.

The number of patients will increase as a result of the reform he explained, but there will not enough doctors to treat them. “I’m just afraid that’s going to be less time for each patient.”

“We’re already seeing a lot of patients for free due to Medicare and government sponsored insurance,” said the gastroenterologist, who declined to named because of “the battles” medical professionals are having with the insurance industry. He also said that referring physicians might take issue with him speaking out.

“I’m predicting that there will be job cuts,” he said. He fears professionals like him will have to take on more patients as a result of the reform.

According to the anonymous doctor, the government was moving more in the direction of family practice and away from specialization with this bill. He predicted a future with centers being operated by nursing agencies and less by specialists.

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