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St. Pius V high school faces closing

St. Pius is one of the 32 schools — and the only high school – slated for closing.  Despite its reputation for academic success and small class sizes, enrollment is declining and tuition is rising at the Mott Haven school.  That makes in increasingly dependent on the Archdiocese for funding, said Fran Davies, Assistant Superintendent for Communications in Education (Mott Haven Herald).

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  1. avatar Lorraine Bellamo Avallone says:

    I am a 1969 graduate of St. Pius V High School. I am so saddened to learn it will close it’s doors for the final time. Myself and my classmates spent the best years of our lives at St. Pius in the late 60’s. We had wonderful Domenican sisters, we were a family. It was a comfortable, safe place to go every day. The dedication of the nuns and the commaraderie of the girls is something students do not have today. No one bullied each other and we all respected our faculty. Times have certainly changed. I am still friends with so many of my former classmates today and we have such fond memories of our high school days.
    It is a shame that the archdiocese has to spend so much money to satisfy the lawsuits of our clergy’s sex scandals, that we can’t afford to give that money to students and parents who wish for a Catholic education. It breaks my heart to know that so many young ladies will no longer benefit the teachings of St. Pius V High School.
    I intend to notify other Piusites and make a final visit to our school. The world has become so liberal, so free and so sad. This news just adds to the demise of our once great country. People must start praying again, that’s all that is left. God Bless St. Pius V High School and all those who had the opportunity to walk through it’s halls.


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