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Bronx Muslim Center’s founder weighs in on Bin Laden’s death

Mohammed Solaiman Ali, founder and general secretary of the Bronx Muslim Center commented in a phone interview on the death of Bin Laden and how many Bronx Muslims in the community are reacting.

“We are very proud of America. We were also afraid you know? We did not want another attack here or in another country. As a Muslim, I feel very proud. Obama is a good president…and today we will pray for our country. Bin Laden is an enemy of Islam we are against what he did. Today we are happy, this is great news. There is nothing in the Quran (or the Holy Book) that says to kill. Islam does not tolerate terrorists. I am very happy to hear this news.”


  • Brides March Through Bronx, Raise Domestic Abuse Awareness

    The 14th annual Brides March made its way to the Bronx last Friday to raise awareness and mourn the death of those who have died as a result of domestic violence. NY News 1 reports:

  • 14-year-old dead, three injured in house party stabbing

    Police responded to a call on Barnes Avenue early Sunday morning where one teen had been fatally stabbed in the chest, and three others wounded. Investigations are ongoing. News 12 Bronx reports:

  • Man killed by livery cab run down

    A twenty-six-year-old Bronx man identified as Rony Mejia, died after being hit by two livery cabs on Pelham Parkway early Sunday morning. Bronx 12 News reports:  

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