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Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera remembers heroic 9/11 efforts of Bronx residents

In response to the death of Osama bin Laden, Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera (district 15) issued a statement, praising President Obama for his leadership.

“We must thank President Obama for showing great leadership in authorizing the take down of Osama Bin Laden in a targeted and focused attack that sparred the lives of civilians. It is without question that we must wholeheartedly thank all those serving in the armed forces and intelligence community, who have continued to sacrifice in this pursuit of defending liberty and justice.”

The Bronx Council Majority Leader also shared his thoughts on the heroic 9/11 efforts of key borough community members.

“We will never forget the over three thousand innocent lives that were lost, including the eight brothers from Recuse Company 3 and the countless others who have passed in battle like Lance Corporal Alberto Francesconi, which we recently honored. As the face of terror has been silenced, let us remind the world that the voice of our people has not, because We will never forget!”, stated Rivera.

The 15th district includes the communities of Bathgate, Belmont, Crotona, Fordham, East Tremont, Van Nest and West Farms.

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