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Norwood Cop faces stat-fixing charges, lawyer fires back with revenge claim — NY Daily News

Police believe a cop from the 52nd Precinct in Norwood undervalued a stolen piece of technology, according to the New York Daily News. They charged Officer Damian McIntosh with providing a false listing for the value of a snatched iPad by hundreds of dollars.

The Quality Assurance Division of the New York City Police Department looked through the crime records of the 52nd division in search of stat-fixing. There they found an iPad listed at $325, well below at least the $499 it should have been valued at, according to police.

McIntosh’s lawyer asserted that this charge arose from the anger of fellow officers at his old precinct in Brooklyn. The officer complained to supervisors at the 62nd precinct about his fellow cops performing illegal frisks on Mexican immigrants, lawyer Eric Sanders said. “They already know about him making allegations,” the lawyer said. “He’s already a rat — why not go after him?”

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