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Former Bronx Borough President to pay $10,000 fine — NY Daily News

A Bronx politician who got all the way to the White House may have to go all the way to bank to pay off a fine from the city. As the New York Daily News reported, New York City fined former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion $10,000 after receiving free work from an architect who he aided during his tenure in the borough.

The architect, Hugo Subotovsky, worked on the porch of Carrion’s City Island home four years ago, though they made no written agreement. Carrion did approve five of the architects public projects before the job and one afterwards, though said he was unaware that Subotovsky was involved in the project following his porch work. The worker only received his pay two years after the job, when the Daily News broke first broke the story.

Carrion became a urban czar under the Obama administration but returned to the Bronx since then. He claimed he did not mean to break the law after the Conflicts of Interest Board charged him with violating city rules. “I did not intend to gain any benefit or avoid my obligations,” he said in a statement. Carrion agreed to pay the fine.

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