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South Bronx boxing gym to close after 30 years — NYTimes

John’s Boxing Gym, a Westchester Avenue institution, is closing its doors after 30 years, said a report in The New York Times. The gym, which used to be called the Jerome Boxing Club, will be demolished to make way for a new building.

Famous boxers such as Joshua (The Hitter) Clottey and Joseph (King Kong) Agbeko trained at the gym before making a name for themselves in the international boxing circuit. “Boxing is like religion here,” said Edwin Viruet, a trainer at the gym. Owner Gjin Gjini said that he plans to reopen in another location. “This has helped a lot of kids get off the streets,” he said.


3 Responses to “South Bronx boxing gym to close after 30 years — NYTimes”

  1. avatar 1SpecialKHoney says:

    Hello…Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kicha Cruz and I am the Granddaughter of Gladys Barcelo who’s Legacy was taken from her, after she made Jerome Boxing Club, in the Bronx, her lifelong home after my Step Grandfather Adonis passed. Adonis was the Owner and Founder of The Jerome Boxing Club and it was the will of both of them to get kids off the street, get them focused in a family like atmosphere, away from the harsh reality outside of Jerome’s doors, and give them a safe place of solace to learn a new skill set and get them fit. Please mention my Grandparents for without them “John’s” could not exist and many, if not all of the pics of famous boxers, well known amateurs who began their training at Jerome’s, and many Golden Glove winners that are displayed around the gym are my Grandparents property not Don’s or anyone else’s. So let’s give a Tribute to Adonis Torres and Gladys Barcelo for paving the way through The Jerome Boxing Club for John’s Gym to even be recognized, although it just began a few years ago, and Jerome’s has been around since the 70’s. Thank You.

  2. avatar Erick Lopez Osorio says:

    Asi se abla .. yo estuve alli con Don adonis. Y el hijo de don adonis que nos daba clase de ingles.. Ojala tuviera oportunidad de regresar esos anos.. DIOS BENDIGA ..

  3. avatar D. Washman says:

    I remember your grandmother well. I trained there from 89- 91. Nice lady. Caramel colored skin, wore glasses, and handled the administrative aspect. Mr. Torres had already passed away. My hat is off to them for establishing such a beacon for the neighborhood. Their memory should definitely be included in ANY article. Even the name Jerome Boxing Club doesn’t seem to come up without digging for it. God Bless.


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