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Bronx bodega robbery victim’s family calls for grand jury investigation

In a meeting with Bronx district attorney Robert T. Johnson, the family of Reynaldo Cuevas, who was killed by a police officer after the bodega he worked at was robbed early Friday morning, said they wanted a grand jury to investigate the shooting, according to the New York Times.

After watching surveillance video of the incident, Cuevas’s family and the police offered differing accounts of how the 20-year old was killed. Police said the officer’s gun accidentally went off when he and Cuevas ran into other as Cuevas ran from the scene of the robbery at Aneury’s Deli at East 169th street and Franklin Avenue in the Bronx.

At a press conference at the district attorney’s office Sunday, family spokesman Fernando Mateo said the family felt that he was shot purposefully after contact was made with the officer.

Mateo said Ana Cuevas, the victim’s mother, told Johnson the officer should go to jail. She fainted during the Sunday news conference as Mateo talked about the shooting.

According to Mateo and Sanford A. Rubenstein, the family’s lawyer, Johnson said there would be an independent investigation, the district attorney’s office’s policy for shootings in which police are involved.

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