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Mott Haven Academy Opens Roof Garden

The Mott Haven Academy is growing lettuce, herbs and chives in its newly open rooftop garden. The Mott Haven Herald reports that the charter school uses the garden in its curriculum to teach children about nutrition and science.

Funding for the project came from Bolthouse Farms and private donors.


  • Bronx man fatally crushed by security gate

    A 79-year-old man, known as an ice cream entrepreneur, was fatally crushed when a security gate fell on him at his Bronx store Friday. NBC New York reports.

  • Footage of Bronx shooting released

    Police released video footage of a shooting that took place in the Bronx on Monday. Three men attacked two teens and shot one of them in the leg at E. 174th Street and Eastburn Avenue. The New York Post reports.

  • Man stabbed three times over iPhone

    A 23-year-old man was stabbed three times at E. Tremont and Westchester early on Thursday. He is in stable condition. The attacker took off with his iPhone. The New York Daily News reports.

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