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Bronx’s oldest residents honored [Slideshow]

Bronx Borough president Ruben Diaz Jr. called on the borough’s most senior citizens to kick off Bronx Week with a day of dancing, socializing and chowing down on chicken milanese.
“We are celebrating the very best of our borough today,” said Diaz before giving out awards to two of the Bronx’s oldest citizens, Miriam Henson and Max Berger, both 104. The sassy centenarians were quick to share their secrets to longevity. One happy 100-year-old, Loretta Hodges, offered up some of her own advice for the youngsters in the room, “Find a good man and have a lot of sex.”
The diverse crowd, accompanied by family members, nurses and friends, represented not only an array of different Bronx neighborhoods and cultural backgrounds, but also the borough’s thriving senior community.

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St. Jerome’s Church celebrates Good Friday on South Bronx Streets

Members of the Mott Haven community join St. Jerome’s congregation in a bilingual observance of Stations of The Cross. Catholics around the world celebrate this time-worn ritual, during which worshippers follow a procession down local streets in commemoration of Christ’s last hours. St. Jerome’s church was founded by an Irish immigrant in 1869, and now serves a predominately Mexican community in the South Bronx.


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Not So Good Samaritan

Gabriel Leon Hernandez, 33, tried to scam police and his insurance company after he witnessed  a car crash on Sept. 22.  After acting as a good Samaritan, helping out the victims of the accident, Hernandez claimed that the truck involved in his crash had also hit his SUV.  He then allegedly billed his insurance company for more than $20,000 in medical bills he incurred after undergoing shoulder surgery for a pre-existing condition.

He collected $21,184 for his medical bills and $1,254 for alleged damage to his car.

After he was arrested, he still claimed the truck hit him, even though a video of the crash shows that it did not.

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Bronx Woman Missing

 A Bronx woman with dementia is missing.  Barbara Skinner, 77, was last seen on Tuesday at Westchester Square Hospital. She walks with a shuffle.


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Walcott Gets Green Light To Head NYC Schools

Bloomberg appointed ex-teacher and mentor, Dennis Walcott, as Chancellor of  NYC schools last week.   Today, Walcott received a waiver from Commissioner David Steiner he needed in order to get the position, because he is not a licensed school superintendent.

  Cathy Black had also gotten a waiver to lead NYC schools, but quit  for three months.   News12

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Cobra Caught!

The venomous cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo on Friday has been captured!  The missing snake was found today in the House of Reptiles, coiled inconspicuously in a corner.  The elusive escapee is alive and well and will be on exhibit soon.  DailyNews

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Tour Bus Was Speeding

Officials say that the tour bus which was in an accident that killed 15 people three weeks ago was traveling at 78 miles per hour.  The news came at a senate hearing on Wednesday. 

Also, lawmakers want to know why safety precautions made a decade ago, like having seat belts for all passengers and sturdier roofs, have not been taken.

As of now, the driver has not been charged, but two passengers are suing.  NY1

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Bronx is Dead Last When It Comes To Health

According to a new study released Wednesday Bronx is the most unhealthy county in New York. The University of Wisconsin study shows that the Bronx is plagued with obesity and teen pregnancy, and that people do not go to the doctor enough. DailyNews

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