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Cops say ticket fixing is a widespread practice

In the wake of a suicide attempt by Robert McGee, one Bronx police officer charged with making ticket violations disappear for friends and family, other police officers speak out about the practice. They call it widespread, NY1 reported, and a courtesy to policemen and their families. Policemen are eager to see the trial end and indictments issued. The not knowing makes many policemen anxious and may have contributed to the suicide attempt by thirty-year police veteran, McGee.

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Stress from “ticket-fixing” trial may have been cause in cop’s suicide attempt

Wednesday morning 62-year old police officer Robert McGee touched the third rail of an elevated train track in the Bronx in a suicide attempt. Officer McGee is one of the more than a dozen Bronx cops charged with helping their friends and family avoid paying traffic tickets. The New York Times quotes the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Patrick J. Lynch, saying that it was “no surprise that New York City police officers have reached a breaking point,” as the investigation had dragged on for months.

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