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By: Mehroz Baig

Ruth Marshall, a Bronx-based fiber artist is working on her latest creation. Her work is also featured in the first fiber art exhibit at Lehman College Art Gallery.

The New York Fiber Art exhibit at Lehman was curated by Sandra Sider, and features thirty artists, three from the Bronx. The work includes large scale installations, embroidery, quilts and mixed media art. While traditionally fiber art was defined by embroidery and quiltmaking, that definition has changed to include many other types of art that utilize fiber. Susan Hoeltzel, director of the Lehman College Art Gallery, says that many fiber artists self-identify as fiber artists, but that their work can include a variety of elements in addition to fiber.

In the current show at Lehman, many artists do not self-identify as fiber artists but come from a range of backgrounds, such as installation artists, conceptual artists and collage artists. In curating the show, Sider chose pieces of any art form that predominantly utilized fiber or that manipulated materials the way fiber can be used, such as weaving.

Below are some of the featured works at the show, which runs until May 12. Lehman College Art Gallery will host a reception on Monday, March 21, 2011.


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"My Mother Claimed That If You Step Over A Child That Child Will Stop Growing," by Andrea Dezso, 2009. Cotton and metallic thread embroidery on fabric, 10" by 8".

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