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Mott Haven Charter Schools Still Fail to Enroll a Fair Share of Students Learning English

Success Academy 1 has the poorest record by far among Mott Haven’s 21 charters, and it’s getting worse.

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Flood-Proofing Hunts Point with Resilient Power

The Hunts Point Produce Market, responsible for more than half of the city’s produce, is finally set to get central air conditioning. This is part of the Hunts Point Resiliency project’s proposal to install more reliable and efficient power sources in the industrial area of Hunts Point.

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School-based mental health clinics provide support for kids in the Bronx

One in three kids suffer mental health problems every year, many of them go untreated. Fifteen percent of schools in the Bronx have adopted mental health clinics to address the issue. One in Marble Hill, is run by Mosaic Mental Health.

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Caught in the Crisis: A Bronx Church Responds To News Of Clergy Abuse

An independent board decides that the evidence against a priest who served in a South Bronx church between 1969 to 1995 has credible and substantiated allegations of clergy abuse against him. The current priest of the church delivers this news to the parish in the middle of the dark season of sexual abuse scandals within the Catholic Church.

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Why Would a Black Republican Run for State Assembly in the Bronx?

Alpheaus Marcus is a rarity, particularly in the Bronx, the borough with the highest percentage of Democrats in the city. What drove him to run as a Republican, in a race he has little chance of winning?

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Mentors key to getting kids to school in the Bronx

One in three kids miss too much school in the South Bronx, and the rate climbs to one in two as students reach their senior year — a new mentorship program aims to reduce chronic absenteeism by paring caring adults, who check-in daily, with absent students.

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Hidden hospital courtrooms, where the mentally ill fight forced treatment

Every Wednesday a judge comes to Bronx Psychiatric Center and oversees hearings in which the hospital wants to force a patient to stay hospitalized or take treatment. How do these small makeshift courtrooms straddle the balance between respecting civil rights and ensure that patients get the treatment they need even if they don’t want it?

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A Different Kind of Corner Store: A Story of Surviving Homelessness

Dennis Pentier, a 48 year-old Jamaican immigrant, has been homeless here in New York City for the past eight years. Ejected from a city shelter, he survives day to day from his makeshift outdoor shop on a block in the Tremont neighborhood that he currently calls home.

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