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Supporters of accused officers in ticket-fix scandal turn out in force, NY1

Many supporters of the 16 arraigned NYPD officers turned out yesterday to protest outside the Bronx courthouse.  NY1 reports that the protesters expressed anger toward Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.  Their signs clearly display their belief that ticket-fixing is not a crime and officers were merely following orders.


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Authorities charge 16 officers after widespread ticket-fixing, NY Times

A 16th officer was arrested Thursday night as a part of the long-running grand jury investigation into the widespread ticket-fixing practice for family, friends, and colleagues.  The New York Times reported that according to knowledgeable sources, it was expected that 15 police officers will surrender by Friday morning to face criminal charges in the Bronx.




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Angry Narcotics Police Bypass County Prosecutors Since Ticket-Fixing Scandal, Daily News

Narcotics police have been bypassing County prosecutors as an act defiance since the ticket-fixing scandal, New York Daily News reports.

Some officers are taking major cases to special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan instead of dealing with District Attorney Robert Johnson, sources said.

Nsrcotics officers are among the 530 NYPD employees caught on wire-tapped phones in the ticket fixing scandal.

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5 civilians indicted in ticket-fixing case, NY Daily News

A Bronx grand jury has indicted 5 civilians along with 17 cops for the ticket-fixing scandal that has captivated the city, reports the New York Daily News.

The civilians are thought to be suspected drug dealers, or those caught doing financial favors to cops involved with the ticket-fixing scandal.

Though the grand jury is still sealed, charges against the 22 people in the case are expected to be revealed next week.


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Cop involved with ticket-fixing scandal admitted to psych-ward, NY Daily News

A Bronx cop involved in the ticket-fixing probe has been admitted to a psychiatric ward, after he tried to kill himself after testifying in the case, reports the New York Daily News.

Robert McGree, 62, tried to kill himself Sept. 14 in the subway. On Wednesday, cops took McGree into hospital for a suicide watch after he briefly went missing from his home in Riverdale and family members expressed concerns about his depression.

Several Bronx cops have been embroiled in a ticket-fixing scandal, as well as leaking information about the probe. A grand jury is convening this week to determine the charges against the officers.


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Grand jury to vote in ticket-fixing scandal, New York Times

A Bronx grand jury has begun to vote on whether to bring charges to police officers accused  in the widespread ticket-fixing scandal, reports the New York Times.

Amongst those possible facing charges relating to ticket-fixing are 10 officials of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, including as many as seven Bronx precinct delegates and three higher-ranking police union officials from the Bronx.

The investigation into the ticket-fixing began almost three years ago, after an officer was caught on wiretap talking about the allegations of ticket-fixing.

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