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A revitalized Bronx park shows off at “It’s My Park Day”

Volunteers gathered at Soundview Park on Sunday to plant daffodils and clear weeds during the NYC Park’s event “It’s My Park Day.”

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Activists raise concerns over the future of the Bronx River

Environmental activists say the city’s approach to limiting the flow of contaminants into the Bronx River is fraught with problems.

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One of Main Land Media's postcards

The Bronx is Branding

The Bronx has an image problem. Local artists and entrepreneurs are building businesses and organizing events to make sure the world knows that it is, in fact, no longer burning.

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BID works to keep shoppers in Fordham amid mall opening

In the face of competition from the Mall at Bay Plaza that opened nearby in August, the business community on Fordham Road is working to keep their customer base.

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Protestors hold their sign at the Don't Stop Possible education rally on Foley Square Oct. 2

Bronx charter students and parents rally in Manhattan against failing public schools

Bronx charter school parents, teachers and students joined Manhattan pro-charter rally Oct. 2 calling for “Great Schools.” Public school parents greeted protesters with accusations that the rally’s funders were hedge fund tycoons.

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Teen sentenced to five months in jail for killing a Bronx father with a single punch

Lawmakers joined A Bronx family mourning their father’s death from a single punch to the face, calling for criminal penalties to be enacted.

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Grassroots Groups Rally for Open Discovery

More than 50 people rallied outside the Bronx Supreme Court on Monday morning, demanding changes to New York state law that, they claim, would make the judicial process more just and efficient.

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Fight at Bronx house party leaves one teen dead, three injured

Police identified a suspect in the killing of a 14-year-old boy after a fight broke out at a party in the Bronx on Sunday. The suspect is also wanted in the related stabbing of three teens, all of whom survived.

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