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Hidden hospital courtrooms, where the mentally ill fight forced treatment

Every Wednesday a judge comes to Bronx Psychiatric Center and oversees hearings in which the hospital wants to force a patient to stay hospitalized or take treatment. How do these small makeshift courtrooms straddle the balance between respecting civil rights and ensure that patients get the treatment they need even if they don’t want it?

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Handful of school-based mental health clinics support kids in the Bronx

One in three kids suffer mental health problems every year, many of them go untreated. Fifteen percent of schools in the Bronx have adopted mental health clinics to address the issue. One in Marble Hill, is run by Mosaic Mental Health.

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U.S. Congressional candidate Ocasio-Cortez may have what it takes to reverse low black voter turnout in November

“There are a lot of folks that are in other districts who are a little scared to say things like, ‘Black Lives Matter,'” 14th District Congressional Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said at a local Bronx campaign rally.

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A different kind of corner store: A story of surviving homelessness

Dennis Pentier, a 48 year-old Jamaican immigrant, has been homeless here in New York City for the past eight years. Ejected from a city shelter, he survives day to day from his makeshift outdoor shop on a block in the Tremont neighborhood that he currently calls home.

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Domestic violence and housing linked to homicides in the South East Bronx

There have been five domestic homicides in the South East Bronx this year. Last year there were none. Experts point to high unemployment and rising rents in the borough.

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Citizen scientists provide important services to Bronx conservation efforts

These volunteers  — many of whom aren’t trained scientists — shoulder the work of gathering scientific data and identifying environmental problems in Van Cortlandt Park   John Butler pulled pairs of chest waders from a cluttered metal shipping container parked in the Van Cortlandt Golf Course parking lot and passed them around a small group. […]

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Still awaiting the return of Barnes and Noble

When Barnes and Noble closed in December 2016, leaving the Bronx without a single general-interest bookstore, it promised to return within 24-36 months. 22 months later, the retailer shows no signs of progress toward this benchmark.

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Disabled in the Bronx? Good luck finding a subway station

The new MTA chief pledges to fast forward plans to make NYC subway stations accessible to the disabled. In the Bronx, a full 83 percent violate federal law. “We are one of the least accessible cities in the country,” Susan Dooha, disabled advocacy group director.

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